Immigration Injustice and Racial Injustice Focus on Difference

Dr. James Tinnin, OPA

Jim Tinnin is a member of the DSOP Immigration Reform Committee.  The program “Being Allies in the Work for Racial Justice” was a panel discussion in Akron OH with a panel that included Sr. Joanne Caniglia, OP and Marybeth Irvine, OPA.

I recently attended a program sponsored by the Catholic Commission of Summit County:

“Being Allies in the Work for Racial Justice”.  What struck me was the huge overlap between our focus on immigration reform and the work of racial solidarity and justice.  The focus of the discussion was a concern for and working against conditions impacting the marginalized and those facing racism and oppression.

 I love the following quotation from “A Faith Formation Guide” by Alison M. Benders:

“Our nation has focused harmfully on difference rather than on the unity of humanity that reflects God’s infinite love in the varieties of our gifts and perspectives.”

Here I am thinking of the immigrants and their gifts who suffer from low wages as well as terrible housing and working conditions.  And even worse, there seems to be very little way to improve the situation.  An important part of these conditions is racial injustice.  It is one of exploitation and marginalization.  Alison Benders has it right:

If racism can be uprooted, our tools must be the Spirit’s gifts of humility, love, and courage.  We must desire justice in our hearts and take steps to create a more just society.”


(Source: Alison M. Benders, READING, PRAYING, LIVING The US Bishops’ OPEN WIDE OUR HEARTS, A Faith Formation Guide, 2020 Liturgical Press)

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3 responses to “Immigration Injustice and Racial Injustice Focus on Difference

  1. Thanks for attending the session. I agree there is a giant overlap between the struggles of our immigrants (no matter what their skin color) and those who are still victimized by practices that have their roots in slavery. Our political system puts roadblocks up in so many places and in so many unconscious ways. I pray that in our desire to find a path to equity we can each identify our personal path as ally.

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