Celebrate the Feast of St. Dominic, August 8, 2021

What a difference a year has made! I hope that this feast of our founder, St. Dominic, finds you well, and that your life, like ours, is beginning to return to normal. After a year like 2020, this quote from St. Dominic as we celebrate his feast on August 8 seems especially apt.

Like Dominic, we have seen the value of prayer and humility in the past months. In a year when our ministries were curtailed, we learned the power of prayer. In a year of civil unrest, we practiced humility in the face of aggression and untruths. And through the power of our prayer and the testimony of our humility, we have come to a new year and new hope – and new ways to minister to the people of God’s church.

But the COVID-19 pandemic did not stop our ministries entirely. Thanks to support from friends like you, we were able to continue to reach out to those in need, touching with our hearts and our prayers at a time when we could not touch with our hands.

  • At our Learning Centers in New Haven and New Britain, Connecticut, we could not gather for classes, and much of our learning was done online. And through your support and their hard work to get grants, both centers were able to help provide food and rental assistance to families suffering from the economic effects of the pandemic.
  • At the Collaborative Dominican Initiate in Chicago, IL, Novice Sister Annie Killian ministered at the Kolbe House Jail Ministry, a ministry of the Archdiocese of Chicago to people impacted by imprisonment. She corresponded with incarcerated and isolated women and men who had recently lost a family member, sharing Christ’s message of peace and hope.
  • In the Gert Town neighborhood of New Orleans, Sisters Pat Thomas and Suzanne Brauer walk with humility among their neighbors, many of whom are elderly, or financially disadvantaged. The Peace Center in New Orleans continues to adapt to the needs of their neighbors with assistance that answers the needs of the day, like education, meals, counseling, and job assistance.

It’s also been a year of work that seems humble. A bag of groceries may seem like a small gift, but to a family with no support during COVID, it was a true blessing. Coloring pages and activity books may have seemed insignificant, but to a child who is stuck inside with her school closed, it was a lifeline of fun and normalcy. A prayer, a phone call, or a letter was not a herculean effort, but we received many return notes saying, “Just knowing that you are praying for us means so much.” Again, in the words of Dominic, we want to do everything, even the smallest things, for the greater glory of God.”

As our ministries across the nation begin to re-open more fully and offer more services to those in need, we ask for YOUR prayers… for safety for our staff, our volunteers, and for those we serve, and for the strength to continue our works of charity and peacebuilding.

We also ask for your continued partnership in our missions of healthcare, education, ecology, housing, spirituality, and social justice. We are happy to share this special St. Dominic’s Day prayer card with you.

There is so much to do to bring Christ’s peace to this world, but as Dominic told his friend Francis If we hold together no earthly power can withstand us.

We hold together in prayer, and we bring your intentions to God in our prayers daily.

We also hold together in service, and your generous donations make that possible.

Together, we will bring the peace of Christ to the world.

Please click here to download our St. Dominic’s Prayer Card   







Please click here to view a video about the early days of the Dominican Order. 



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