A Message from Pope Francis

The Immigration Reform Committee has a message for Dominican Sisters and Associates from Pope Francis entitled “Toward an Ever Wider “We.”  Please click here to read this message that he wrote to us “Dear Brothers and Sisters” for our actions “to make this an ever more inclusive world.”

With the words of the Holy Father in your mind and heart, the IRC asks Sisters and Associates to locate a possible “Community Engagement” action, prayer service, or letter to send to your local newspaper letter in the attached toolkit for National Migration Week 2021- September 20-26. You can choose to implement this action in your local parish or community or share a service or communication with others.  Click here to view the toolkit.

IRC members will offer reflections each week in September to focus our attention on immigrants, refugees, children, and victims of human trafficking.  As you create an action, forward a description to the IRC (c/o cdubick@kent.edu).  Our Dominican Sisters and Associates always choose the “ever wider we” as we declare our common journey in this world with others.

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