Prayer by Kevin Calahan, OPA
The Peace and Non-violence committee has submitted the following prayer in response to Pope Francis’ call to pray for peace in the Ukraine.

Ever and All Loving God,

As we follow news of the mad progression towards war, we pray and we plead for a logic different from the one based on geopolitical competition. We pray for a change of hearts and minds, for de-escalation, and for dialogue instead of threats.

All peoples are Your children. And Your children find themselves on both sides of the current confrontation. Should this situation descend into war, it will be both Ukrainian and Russian families that will suffer the loss of brothers, fathers, husbands, children, homes, neighborhoods, and ways of life. But You are a God of peace and love, not war and bloodshed. Though the things that make for peace may be hidden from the eyes of those driving the march to war, we pray that those eyes may be opened and that peace may yet prevail.

Let us pray together that everyone recognize that we have a common home and that more, much more, unites us than divides us.

Let us pray also that the world never look away. Pray that we always remember the situation in Ukraine is real. It kills, maims, and destroys even now and that an escalation will generate more deaths and more injured, more tears and pain, more fears and hatred. Pray that we continue to seek and to share the truth which gives authentic freedom and wisdom.

We make this desperate prayer secure in Your love, through Jesus, our Lord,



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  1. Thank you, Kevin, for this heartfelt prayer that resonates for me and I’m certain all Dominicans of Peace. These words also are an expression of you and Chris’s lives of witnessing and working for peace and justice.

  2. It is so loving when the Holy Spirit uses our voices to speak into this world of messiness. Thank you Kevin and God bless you.

  3. Thank you, Kevin, Beautiful plea to God ! … and to us to keep our mind, ears, and heart open to God’s answer as we do our part to promote peace. Hi to Chris.

  4. A beautiful, truly heartfelt prayer, Kevin! Thank you! Staff, please post it on Facebook so it can be widely shared. The world needs it!

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