Sr. Esther Calderon Honored for a Quarter-Century of Service

On April 22, Sr. Esther Calderon was honored by Prison Chaplains in Tucson, AZ. At an appreciation dinner for Prison Volunteers, Sr. Esther was awarded a 25-Year Volunteer Appreciation Pin and other special gifts. Sister serves as a volunteer at Casa Alitas, a diocesan shelter for migrants released by ICE, and at the Eloy ICS Detention Center in Eloy, AZ.

The celebration was belated since this is actually Sr. Esther’s 27th year of service, but the 2021 luncheon was canceled due to COVID.

In the photos below, Sr. Esther is shown with the Senior Chaplain, the Volunteer Coordinator for Catholic Volunteers, and other members of the Ministry team, as well as Sr. Rachel Sena.

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15 responses to “Sr. Esther Calderon Honored for a Quarter-Century of Service

  1. Dear Esther,
    Congratulations for this beautiful award acknowledging your wonderful healing ministry to God’s People in need.
    Someone told me that you also ministered to prisoners.
    I have taken up the ministry to have our sisters pray for a prisoner to be executed, for the family and for the victim(s) and the family on the day of execution. Hopefully, our prayer will help to end the Death Penalty and there will be some new ways to heal the prisoner and care for the family of the victim(s) of a crime. Maybe someday we could chat on the phone if you would like to do this. I am living at our Motherhouse in Columbus, OH.
    Lovingly your sister,
    Brigid Cannon, OP

  2. Dear Esther, I feel privileged to have met you years ago and I can attest to your deserving of this recognition. You have a warm heart and a way of letting others know of their value.
    Thank you for touching the lives of so many who doubted their own value and felt your own love.
    Love you as well,
    Joan Wolf

  3. Dear Esther, you bring joy to all you meet because of your love and openness. Your life is filled with God’s grace which overflows to people you love and serve.
    God’s blessings continue to flow through you to your familia, your Dominican hermanas, los gentes in prison the guards, and so many fleeing violence, poverty and injustice.

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us! You have been a wonderful gift to so many people who wound up in prison — a gift to know that they are loved.

  5. Esther, congratulations on celebrating such a long history of dedication in ministry to our beloved Arizona brothers and sisters., especially those most in need of God’s loving presence. It was such a privilege to . live and work with you in the past, and it truly warms my heart to continue to see you actively maintaining your dedicated missionary calling during your “golden years”…/with Love and appreciation, Cathryn Wright, OPA

  6. Queen Esther, your smile tells me that you love what
    you do and I know that the prisoners must long for you the day and time you will visit them. Congratulations!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS Sr Esther!! What a beautiful witness you are to God’s love!! It is so good to see a picture of you and Sr Rachel.
    With much love and gratitude for you,
    Cyndi Carver, OPA

  8. Sr. Esther, congratulations for the award – a 25-Year Volunteer Appreciation Pin and other special gifts. What a gift you are to all of us as you serve as a volunteer at Casa Alitas, a diocesan shelter for migrants released by ICE, and at the Eloy Detention Center in Arizona! I am so glad that Sr. Rachel Sena and also other members of the MInistry team were also there to celebrate with you!

  9. Congratulations, Esther! What a special occasion to celebrate. I’m sure you brought much hope and encourage- ment to those in need. Praise God!

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