Faith at Home for Young Catholics

With Masses canceled in many dioceses, parents are working at home, helping with e-learning, AND teaching faith formation! Here are a few materials to help you and your family continue Faith Formation.

Home faith learning is a great way to stay in contact with grandparents and extended family. Email the materials to far-away family and have them work with your child via Skype or Zoom!


Ascension Sunday – Matthew 28: 18-20, Acts 1:4-12

Ascension Sunday Video 

Jesus Ascends to the Clouds Craft

You will need:

  • 1 print out of the Ascension Jesus Craft (on card stock preferably)
  • about 4-5ft of yarn or string
  • a plastic drinking straw (or a couple)
  • tape
  • cotton balls and white glue if you want to make the clouds ‘fluffy’
  • Crayons or coloring pencils to color Jesus

Our 7-year-olds made this entire craft without much help.  Our 4-year-olds needed some help cutting and assembling.

Glue is always last! If you add the fluffy cotton balls, save that for the last step to avoid glue everywhere.

Step 1: Color Jesus:
Step 2: Cut out Jesus and the cloud.  Your little kids can cut on the oval dotted line around Jesus to practice their scissor work.  Your older kids can challenge themselves to cut out around Jesus.
Step 3: Tape a 2-3″ section of straw to the back of Jesus.
Step 4: Fold your string in half and make a loop in the center part (and add some small pieces of straws for decoration if desired). Tie a knot below this loop with beads/straws.  This is how you will hang up your Ascension Jesus Craft, so make sure your loop is big enough to go around a door handle.
Step 5: Tape the yarn near the loop to the back of your cloud.
Step 6: Thread the yarn through the straw on Jesus’ back (both strings), and then tie small sections of straws to each yarn end to be the “handles.”
Step 7: Use a little white glue to glue your cotton balls to the cloud.

Now hang up your loop, and pull the straw handles apart from each other and watch Jesus ascend!

Ascension Sunday Video 


Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Sunday Coloring Sheet

Ordinary Time:

Send your Guardian Angel to Mass Prayer and Coloring Sheet, English

Send your Guardian Angel to Mass Prayer and Coloring Sheet, Spanish

Sacrament Sort Game,  
Instructions for Sacrament Sort Game

Bible Verse Race Track – Super easy to print and put together, this race track can be used with any Bible verse that you are working on. It is also perfect for a variety of ages!

  • Encourage your kids to draw their own houses, trees, ponds, or parks around the roads.
  • Have your older kids write the verse out themselves.
  • Encourage younger kids to sound out different words as their car drives over them.
  • Have your kids read the verse, one word at a time, as the cars drive over the words. Try it once, really slowly. Then, try saying the verse at racing speed.
  • Have your child cover a word with a stationary car. Read the verse, remembering the covered word from memory. Then, have your child place another car over another word. See how many cars you can get on the road while repeating the verse without making a mistake.



Bible Verse Memory Puzzle – Easy, color

Bible Verse Memory Puzzle – Easy, B&W

Bible Verse Memory Puzzle – Hard, color

Bible Verse Memory Puzzle – Hard, B&W

Books of the Old Testament Book Marks

Books of the New Testament Book Marks

Sacrament Sort Game,  
Instructions for Sacrament Sort Game

Science and Sacraments – Prisms

Science and Sacraments – Magnets