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Join Dominican Sisters of Peace as we strive to bring PEACE and justice to our world in this post-truth era. Each week, our Justice Promoter will share important information (including action alerts, prayer opportunities and much more) that will help you to spread peace in your own local community and our world at large.


Peace and Justice Updates – 5.5.2021

Help Stop the Use of Landmines
In today’s Justice Blog, Sr. Judy Morris told us about the dangers of landmines and how people are still suffering and dying from these leftover weapons.

164 nations have banned anti-personnel landmines because of the horrific, almost never-ending legacy of death and destruction that they cause. It’s time that the United States do the same.

Over the past 30 years, the number of landmine casualties has plummeted around the world. Please click here to sign a petition asking President Biden to ensure safety for the future by banning landmines.

John Lewis Voting Rights Day
The Late Congressman John Lewis shed his blood crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge to Fight for Black voters and Voters of Color to participate in America’s electoral process and the enactment of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Voting rights are under attack nationally by state legislators, and special interests and billionaires are spending unlimited amounts of money to buy our elections.

Join the action on May 8 to demand the passage of the For the People Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and D.C. Statehood and to address one of the greatest obstacles to the passage of civil and voting rights – and one of the last vestiges of slavery – the filibuster! Find an action near you!

LCWR has endorsed the national John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Action Day and we plan to release a joint statement with the National Black Sisters Conference on the critical importance of ensuring that all people—no matter race, zip code, economic situation—enjoy the sacred right to vote. Organizers have prepared this toolkit to help with messaging.

Celebrate Laudato Si’ Week!
Laudato Si’ Week 2021 will be celebrated May 16-24.  The theme of this year is the very positive message: “for we know that things can change” (LS 13). The Laudato Si’ Week will be a core event of the Special Laudato Si’ Anniversary Year, and a way to celebrate the steps that the whole Church has made on its journey to ecological conversion. It will also be a time to reflect on what the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us and how we might prepare for the future with hope.”

Click here to view all the events of the week. Inspired to take a fresh look at Laudato Si’—consider this study guide.

Take some time to learn about the Laudato Si’ Action Platform initiative and Laudato Si’ Goals.

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Peace and Justice Updates 4/28/2021

Sign for Gun Safety
New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan is co-sponsoring gun safety legislation in the Senate to ban assault weapons, expand background checks, and protect domestic violence survivors. We know that bills like this will save lives, and it’s long past time for them to become law. Unfortunately, the NRA is spending $2 million to fight President Biden’s gun safety measures and his effort to name gun safety advocate David Chipman to head the ATF.

We have to do more to end the horrific acts of gun violence in this country. You can click here to sign a petition from Senator Hasson asking the Senate to pass sensible gun safety measures.

Sinsinawa Sisters Present Anti-Trafficking Education
The Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa Against Human Trafficking Committee, Madison, WI, invites Sisters and Associates to a virtual performance of

The True Cost: Stories of Human Trafficking, Saturday, May 22, 2021, 1pm -3pm, CDT,
via Zoom. presented by Still Point Theater Collective, a Chicago non-profit

There is a 50-minute performance followed by a panel discussion open to the audience with local representatives of efforts against trafficking. Please join us for this opportunity to learn more about human trafficking that continues to happen all around us–and how you can make a difference. Click here for a flyer about the performance.

To register for this FREE event, please click here. Registration will close at 12:00pm, CDT, Wednesday, May 19, 2021.
If you have questions, please contact Reg McKillip, OP,

A few days before the performance all registrants will receive the Zoom link to join a few days before the performance.

Faithful Call to Action on Voting Rights and Climate Change with Senator Rev. Warnock
You are invited to join a powerful discussion with the new U.S. Senator from Georgia Rev. Raphael Warnock on voting rights and climate change on Thursday, April 28, 2021. The Zoom presentation will take place at 2:30 om.

Click here to register for a Faithful Call to Action on Voting Rights and Climate Change with Senator Rev. Warnock.

When: Wednesday, April 28th at 2:30pm Eastern Time
How to join: RSVP here

Senator Rev. Raphael Warnock, U.S. Senator from Georgia
Rev. Dr. Gerald L. Durley, Interfaith Power & Light Board Chair
Codi Norred, Georgia Interfaith Power & Light Executive Director
Rev. Brendolyn Jenkins Boseman, Pastor of Hudson Memorial CME, Georgia Interfaith Power & Light Board Member



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Peace and Justice Updates: 4.14.2021

Speak Against the Death Penalty
In the wake of an unprecedented federal execution spree by the Trump administration, the momentum and urgency behind abolishing the federal death penalty has never been stronger. Over the past few months, you might have seen Catholic Mobilizing Network (CMN) promoting a petition targeted to President Biden, urging him to take the concrete steps at his disposal to dismantle this broken system. Already more than 5,500 Catholics and people of goodwill have signed.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to add your signature to this petition, click here to sign.

Care for People, Care for Creation
The way we grow our food and manage our land has a huge impact on the climate, and has the potential to be a powerful solution as well.

Modern industrial agriculture has allowed us to grow food more abundantly and cheaply than ever before, but the hidden cost is the health of our soil. Tilling and chemicals degrade the soil, inhibiting its ability to hold water and carbon. This leads to erosion and desertification, releasing carbon into the atmosphere contributing to climate change.

There is funding to improve agriculture and land practices in the proposed infrastructure package. Now, we need Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack to commit to prioritizing USDA resources for small to medium farmers and ranchers directly –  especially those of color, who have too often been underserved – to support their efforts to innovate and act quickly to regenerative practices that keep carbon in the soil.

Click here to sign the petition to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.


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Peace and Justice Updates 4.6.2021

Act for the For The People Act
When the Senate returns from recess on April 12th, one of the first orders of business will be the For The People Act (S.1)—a once-in-a-generation transformative democracy reform bill.

Join the National Call-In Day—Thursday, April 8.
Please call your Senators on April 8 to urge them to support passage of S.1.

The For the People Act would

  1. protect and strengthen the sacred right to vote,
  2. end the dominance of big money in politics,
  3. end partisan gerrymandering, and
  4. implement anti-corruption, pro-ethics measures to clean up government.

Contact your Senators today and urge them to support this bold, comprehensive response which is critical to strengthen and protect our democracy. You might say something like:

I’m (Your Name) from (Your City). I am a  constituent and a person of faith. I’m calling to ask the Senator to support  S. 1, the For the People Act. The common-sense reforms in this legislation are deeply popular across the political spectrum and have been enacted into law in many states and localities. People of faith see fair representation, voting rights and accountability for elected leaders as moral issues of utmost importance. My faith tells me that a fair and inclusive democracy is about dignity for all and passing the For the People Act is the first step to get us there. Can I count on Sen. ___ support for this comprehensive reform legislation which responds to the comprehensive problems undermining our democracy.

On April 8th please call your Senators and ask them to support the For the People Act.

Click here for information on contacting your senators.

The Crisis at the Border
Thanks to Sr. Barbara Kane, OP, who shared this excellent article by Don Kerwin on from the Center for Migration Studies. The article is an excellent assessment of the causes of the increased number of unaccompanied children and asylum-seekers crossing the US-Mexico border. Click here for the article.

Learn About Caring for our Soil
The theme for Faith Climate Action Week (April 16 – 25) is “Sacred Ground: Cultivating Connections Between our Faith, our Food, and the Climate.” We are featuring the film Kiss the Ground, which discusses how regenerating the world’s soils has the potential to rapidly stabilize Earth’s climate, restore lost ecosystems, and create abundant food supplies.

Watch the trailer and register to view the film here.

Thanks to a special arrangement with Kiss the Ground and Ro*co films, IPL will offer a free online viewing period for home viewing from April 10 through April 26. All viewers must register with IPL here.

Once you register you will receive a link-to-view for three different versions—the full-length film (84 minutes), a grower version (45 minutes), and an educational version for schools (45 minutes.)

You can also download the free screening kit that includes faith-based discussion questions on the film page, and host a film discussion with your congregation, and attend the companion webinar on April 21.

We’ll have a conversation with Kiss the Ground filmmaker, Josh Tickell, and Faith in Place’s Statewide Outreach Director, Veronica Kyle, on what congregations can do to be part of the solution to food justice and climate justice. When you register to view the film, you will also receive the Zoom link to join the webinar.

Contact Sarah at for more information.

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Peace and Justice Updates 3.31.2021

Sexual Assault Awareness Month
The Dominican Sisters of Peace have been part of Common Spirit Health’s “United Against Violence” campaign since 2009. Common Spirit Health is conducting a special communications campaign during Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April. Each week during April, the OPPEace News will feature information from this campaign.

For more information in the United Against Violence campaign, please click here.

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