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Daydreaming’s Gifts

[caption id="attachment_4196" align="alignright" width="200"] Blog by Associate Mary Ellen George, OPA[/caption]

A moment of just being

I like sitting in this one recliner at home because it offers me a place to just be - to be alone with my thoughts, and to just let whatever transpires to wash over me. Sometimes I fall asleep while reclining, sometimes I muse over the day's events, and sometimes I just daydream, pondering whatever fills my mind and soul. Indulging in these moments of quietude can reveal memories both from the past and the present, from forgotten memories to memories I'd like to forget, and from joyous times to painful or challenging times. Always, however, these moments of just being fill me with the desire for more silent moments to rest in what I perceive as my moments of being in a holy presence.

Daydreaming - fruitful time

[caption id="attachment_4593" align="alignleft" width="300"]daydreaming Daydreaming is not wasted time, but fruitful time.[/caption] I find that daydreaming is not wasted time, but fruitful time, even when my thoughts may take me down roads I find difficult. Daydreaming can be an experience of letting go of my rigid ways so that I can be open to new possibilities, new discoveries, and new beginnings. Daydreaming offers me an opportunity to connect with the creative voice or force within me, which I experience as a way of connecting with the Creator. I encourage you to take a moment away from your busyness, to find a quiet place where you can just be, entering into the mystery and sacredness of the moment, a moment that invites you to be in the holy presence of the One whose love enfolds you.

Be open

May you be open to moments of stillness, allowing yourself to be receptive to whatever learnings, leanings, nudges, or clarity you experience as you listen for and ponder God's messages to you. May you find that your daydreaming lifts you up, calls you forth to see your worth in making a difference wherever you are, and affirms you in trusting that in just being, you are enough. In solidarity with our brothers and sisters everywhere, may we pray for all people to experience such a moment of peace and consolation, knowing in their core being that they are loved wholeheartedly and unconditionally by a God who embraces each of us. If in your moments of quiet, you feel God is calling you to religious life, why not contact one of our Vocation Ministers to explore this call.

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