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[caption id="attachment_3477" align="alignright" width="200"] Blog by Sr. Cathy Arnold, OP[/caption] Confession time. I am a book addict.  Maybe not just books, but everything I can read, watch, or listen to which teaches me something new, or explains more clearly an idea I had learned earlier.  On the positive side, some would say it is a Dominican thing, part of our charism of study to be well informed and eager to learn from everyone we meet.  On the negative side, I tend to collect books, especially ones that I have read that I really like or that opened a door for me that I had not considered before.  Maybe it’s not so bad to collect books, but they are heavy when moving them; and if the books are on my shelves then others do not have access to them. I recently talked with one of our Sisters who said that she lets go of her books right after she reads them by sharing them with someone else who may appreciate the content.  I’m thinking of making that my goal.  It’s good for the Earth, too.  Check with me in a few months to see how I’m doing. Several months ago after talking with one of my Dominican Sisters of Peace in Akron, Sister Philomena Cook, about a book she had found very meaningful for her at this time in her life, I asked her to write a short reflection that I could use in a blog. Here are Sister Philomena’s words, ’Keep your life simple and honest’.  These words resonated with me as I began to plan for a private retreat.  I chose, “Choosing Simplicity” by Margaret Feinberg, a study guide which gave me some direction in God’s way of revealing Himself to me in amazing and profound ways at this time in my life.  I am grateful for His Grace and unexpected detours as I reflected on them now in my 63 years in His Service.  My hope and prayer at the conclusion of my retreat is to focus on the following:
  1. Simplicity can lead me to the powerful love of God.
  2. To live a simple life is one that is not cluttered with noise, activity, things.
  3. Focus on walking in faith and trust.
  4. To live a simple life allows me to be creative and in that creativity to maintain some sense of peace in body and soul.
I haven’t read the book Sister Philomena read, but I trust her words of wisdom.  Sometimes the best ‘books’ are the lives of those around us who teach us so much. What books have special meaning for you?  What books have helped you draw closer to God and to the ones you love? If you would like titles of some books which can help you as you listen, pray, and discern your path in life, contact one of our vocation ministers who can recommend some helpful reads.

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