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Quest for Peace

Sooner or later all the people of the world will have to discover a way to live together in peace.”  (From the Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.) Opening Prayer Gracious God, I want to be on a quest for Peace in my heart and to know ways that I can share with others the Being, Building and Preaching of Peace by my words and actions.  I trust that you will guide me and  I ask for this guidance from You.  I love you, God, and I want always to please you!  Amen. Song: Prayer for Peace by David Haas Excerpt from Martin Luther King Jr.’s Nobel Lecture: "I would like to use this lofty and historic platform to discuss what appears to me to be the most pressing problem confronting  (humankind) today.  Modern  (people) have brought this whole world to an awe-inspiring threshold of the future.  (They have) reached new and astonishing peaks of scientific success. (They have) produced machines that think and instruments that peer into the unfathomable ranges of interstellar space.  (They have) built gigantic bridges to span the seas and gargantuan buildings to kiss the skies.  (Their) airplanes and spaceships have dwarfed distance, placed time in chains, and carved highways through the stratosphere.  This is a dazzling picture of modern (people’s) scientific and technological progress. Yet, in spite of these spectacular strides in science and technology, and still unlimited ones to come, something basic is missing.  There is a sort of poverty of the spirit which stands in glaring contrast to our scientific and technological abundance.  The richer we have become materially, the poorer we have become morally and spiritually.  We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not learned the simple art of living as brothers (and sisters). Every (human being) lives in two realms, the internal and the external. Our problem today is that we have allowed the internal to become lost in the external.  We have allowed the means by which we live to outdistance the end for which we live. This is the serious predicament, the deep and haunting problem confronting modern man  (and woman)." Reflection: Martin Luther King speaks to the heart of each one of us!  Our outward actions must evolve from our inner spirit and become a blessing for ALL people. It seems that in the modern world, progress is made but it is progress without a heart. “What does it profit us to gain the whole world and yet suffer the loss of our soul?” (Matthew 16:26) Questions for Reflection: (Pause for a moment of silent reflection) Prayers of Intention: Response: God, hear us.
  • Holy Spirit of God, awaken me to your presence within me and help me to know your way of peace, we pray.
  • Holy Spirit of God, help me to be a bright beacon of peace to all people around me, we pray.
  • Holy Spirit of God, help me to work with others to find peace and live in peace, we pray.
Closing Prayer: Dear Lord God,  Teach me to trust in You so that when the unexpected storms of life come, I will expect PEACE in the midst of these storms knowing that You are near and that You hear my cries,  You are with me and for me!  Amen. Dominican Blessing:    May God Creator bless us, May God Redeemer heal us and the Holy Spirit fill us with peace. Suggested Practices:
  • Read and talk about peace to others. Help yourself and others to know the meaning of peace and to seek ways to be at peace.
  • Create a banner, large sign or peace pole and place it in a position where it can be a constant reminder to be peace.
  • Use the word “Peace” or  “Peace be with you” as a personal greeting to others in written messages and as a voice mail message.
Join us to Be Peace, Build Peace, and Preach Peace. You can reach us via email at Please share this Novena on your Facebook page and forward it to at least 5 people. Thank you for joining us as we pray for peace.  To download and print this reflection, please print here. Prepared by Sister Mary Otho Ballard, OP, St. Catharine, KY.

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