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A Reflection on Religious Life

Our recent final profession of Sister Phuong Vu caused me to reflect on the variety of women being attracted to religious life today in our community as the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

Blog by Sr. Andre Kravec, OP

When I entered the congregation many years ago, many of the women joining were from ordinary working-class families. Today, because of the great variety of ministries that women can pursue in religious life, a more diverse group of women are responding to the call to become sisters and want to live a life based on Gospel values.

Regardless of ethnicity, educational background, or age, those willing to answer Christ’s call are still among us. The invitation to a deeper, prayerful, more compassionate life is still the “lure” that draws women to religious life. 

As a quilter, I like using many colors, textures, and pieces of fabric to create a quilt. There are so many patterns to choose from to form a beautiful quilt. Likewise, in religious life, there are many pieces or gifts that make up a strong inter-generational and multicultural community like our growing community of newer sisters. One by one, the unique pieces, gifts, and skills that each person brings to religious life can be pieced together to create a beautiful response to Christ and God’s people.

Together, in community, in prayer, in ministry, and in study, we come together to answer Christ’s call to be disciples of Jesus. As we seek to respond to the needs of our times, putting together the many pieces that need to come together, just like in a quilt, we are discerning and identifying new paths for our spiritual future in the Church to serve God’s people.

What a beautiful gift religious life has been and will continue to be in the Church.

If you have ever felt you might be called to religious life and want to explore religious life, we invite you to contact us. This summer, we will be offering a five-day Mission for Peace program, May 31—June 4, 2024 in Columbus, Ohio. The Mission for Peace experience allows you to experience prayer, service, community, and fun over several days with our Sister and other discerning women, ages 18 to 45.

8 thoughts on “A Reflection on Religious Life

  1. Andre, I liked the image you chose to express the response of our newer women entering religious life. You expressed well the same message that I feel in my heart about these women.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Grateful, Andre for your insightful message on the women entering our Dominican religious life today.
    They are older, experienced and are very committed to our mission, community, prayer and study. The image of the quilt attracted my attention as well with its different colors, textures and beauty of each piece woven together….much like our life in community.
    I pray more women will consider becoming.a Dominican Sister of Peace and hope they meet you, Andre.

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