It’s Not About Justice; It’s About Peace

Ellen Dunn, OP
Blog by Sr. Ellen Dunn, OP

The terrible scene that recently occurred at the historic AME Church in Charleston, SC, cannot be resolved by our analysis or rationalizations. This evil action can only find some resolution in our minds and hearts by focusing on the individuals whose lives were rudely interrupted by the violence and horror. These people were in their home worship space where they were no doubt quite comfortable. The radical in-breaking of gun violence took their lives and surely carried them into God’s loving embrace.

I choose to think about the deep faith of these church-goers who, midweek, were at their church praying for us and our world, praying for themselves and their families, praying for their city and its well-being. In the midst of the gunfire massacre, our Christian faith assures us that God called each of them by name. They were at prayer; they were focused on true Life. God was with them in the light and in this awful moment of darkness. God carried them into everlasting light and peace.

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