“Whom Shall I Send?”

Pat Dual
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“Whom Shall I Send? Here I am Lord, send me!” – Isaiah 6:8

I love this “call and response” verse from Isaiah. It is the question and answer at the root of every vocation call (religious or lay) when God is truly part of the discernment process. God is still calling and inviting women and men to consider religious life, but the invitation may go unnoticed in the busyness and noise of today’s society. However, Pope Francis has helped to energize people’s interest in viewing religious life as a viable option for their future. Francis has encouraged young people to pray about God’s call for their life. The Church is, indeed, finding that there are young people responding with a willingness to be “open and sent” in answer to God’s invitation.

Whenever I hear this verse from Isaiah, I recall a Sunday Mass, years ago, when I read the story of his call in Isaiah 6:1-8, as part of the readings for the day. As a lector, I had read this reading in the assembly many times. However, on this occasion, when I read the words, “Whom shall I send” the question seemed specifically directed to me. In fact, I remember feeling quite alone in that moment, despite the presence of the assembly. I also recall as I read the words, “Here I am, send me” – they were words of an individual response, in that singular moment, to God’s specific question and invitation. Many of us have had what I like to call “God-moments” at various times in our lives. This occasion was a God-moment in my life and I would remember it in my discernment years later.

Use Me GodSisters in vocation ministry or other forms of discernment ministry understand how challenging it is to make important life choices about how God might be calling us to use our gifts and talents. In response to this need, the Dominican Sisters of Peace offer several “Come and See retreat opportunities during the year to help women explore the possibility of a religious vocation as a Sister. During our Come and See retreats, there is the opportunity to pray, learn more about the Dominican way of life and also connect with other women who are discerning a possible religious vocation.

Do you feel called to explore the possibility of becoming a Sister? Then why not join us at our next Come and See retreat scheduled for September, 11-13, 2015 in St. Catharine, KY (learn more)You may also email Sr. Pat Dual at pdual@oppeace.org or call or text 614-216-7688 for more information. Limited need-based funds may be available for transportation. Space is limited, so call to reserve your spot today!

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