July 23, 2019 Justice Updates

And then there were none.  The current administration seems to be winning the battle to keep anyone seeking asylum especially Central Americans from coming into the United States. National and International Law allows individuals and families to claim asylum.   There are significantly fewer individuals being admitted into the U.S. since the implementation of the Migrant Protection Protocols.  MPP or ‘Return to Mexico’ was implemented several months ago.  According to the Department of Homeland Security, Migrant Protection Protocols are a U.S. Government action whereby certain foreign individuals entering or seeking admission to the U.S. from Mexico – illegally or without proper documentation – may be returned to Mexico and wait outside of the U.S. for the duration of their immigration proceedings, where Mexico will provide them with all appropriate humanitarian protections for the duration of their stay.”  The key statement here “all appropriate humanitarian protections” is not happening.  During our recent stay in El Paso, Sr. Manuela and I talked to several who had experienced a return to Mexico. They told us about how little humanitarian aid or protection was given by the Mexican Government.  Religious and other humanitarian organizations are overwhelmed while groups in the U.S. such as Annunciation House are sitting virtually empty.   One Cuban father who with his family spent nine weeks in Ciudad Juarez told us that seven Cuban men had gone missing. Others told us about families sleeping outside and waiting in line for days to talk to a Customs and Border Patrol official. (The daily temperature in El Paso while we were there was between 80 and 100 degrees and sunny.) This is not the answer to what is happening on the border. Please call your senators and representatives and tell them that the MPP or Migrant Protection Protocols are inhumane and not what American values are about.   For more information, please check this information from the Department of Homeland Security and this article from Refugees International, “Remain in Mexico is a Travesty of Asylum Policy.”

Current administration wants to take from the poor and give to the rich.  In order to pay for the budget deficit caused by the massive tax breaks given to the wealthy and to corporations, the administration announced plans to make changes to the food stamp program that will cut 3 million individuals from food assistance.  Here’s more information.

Plastic straws are for sale to support Trump reelection campaign.  Everyone knows that plastic straws are bad for the environment but the current president’s reelection campaign doesn’t care.  Thanks to all the folks who have given up using plastic straws.



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