Watching and Waiting

Sr. Pat Thomas, OP
Blog by Sr. Pat Thomas, OP

Most of us down here in New Orleans have been watching and waiting for the last week or more. A building’s partial collapse resulted in closure of main downtown streets impacting tourism and regular business hours and people’s livelihood. How long before things would return to normal? We know now that it will be longer than we hoped.

Our eyes have been on the skies as dire weather forecasts for everything from tropical storms to tornadoes to flooding rains kept scrolling across the TV screens. We know now that most of those predictions passed us by for the most part, but for how long?.

The Gospels for these days have had significant reminders that we do not know the hour nor the day when the “Master” will come. We watch and we wait. How much longer?

Some days are more trying than others in family life, work situations, day to day decision making, and we often wonder how much longer before….before we have peace; before we have success; before we have whatever it is that will mean our waiting is over? The Gospels tell us we know not that hour or the day, and we must be vigilant. In the end our true hopes will be realized, and in God’s time all will be well. Keep watching and waiting!

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4 responses to “Watching and Waiting

  1. It has crossed my mind many times: Wondering how all of you feel knowing that you seem to be in the direct line of natural disasters…..Linking it to the Gospel helps!! And knowing that in the end all will be well…..I concur!
    Thank you Pat for your sharing!

  2. Thanks, Pat, for your message of vulnerability and deep
    Faith. We all need to listen to messages like this one.

    Keeping you and our sisters in prayer,

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