Dominican Sisters of Peace sign on to Letter Seeking Justice for Breonna Taylor

The following Letter to the Editor, co-signed by Kentucky congregations Dominican Sisters of Peace, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Sisters of Loretto/Loretto Community and Ursuline Sisters of Louisville was sent to the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Record, the diocesan magazine.

Dear Editor:

The grand jury announcement on Sept. 23 in the Breonna Taylor case of three counts of wanton endangerment for Officer Brett Hankison and no charges for the other officers involved, has left us with feelings of great sadness and injustice for her family, friends and our entire community. We pray for peace in Louisville and our country at this moment.

We have seen firsthand the deep divide this tragedy has caused in our city and in our nation. Breonna’s death has brought to the surface the history of systemic racism in the United States. We, the elected leadership of religious congregations of women in and around the Louisville area, feel the rage and despair of this moment.

As majority white communities, we recommit to prayer, self-examination, and advocacy. We support the right to peaceful demonstrations. We call for fundamental reform in the way policing is done in the United States and call for legal reform to strip away protections for those who bring violence and death to unarmed black people.

We call for and commit to REAL change to bring REAL peace, the peace that comes when all have enough, when all are treated with respect. Every person is a precious child of God. Breonna Taylor. Say Her Name. She is a precious child of God.


Dominican Sisters of Peace

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

Sisters of Loretto/Loretto Community

Ursuline Sisters of Louisville

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