When a Child is Born…

Blog by Associate Mary Ellen George, OPA

When a child is born, there is so much joy, awe, and wonderment. While I cannot personally attest to the experience of giving birth to a child, I can recall the joy around the birth of my nieces and nephews through the years.  This joy, mixed with awe about their growth and development and wanting to know more about who they were becoming, what they were interested in, and how they were doing, became the focus of many conversations within the family.

Certainly for Jesus’ Mother, Mary these many feelings undoubtedly held true.  As she waited for her Son’s birth, she assuredly experienced moments of wondering what this child would be like. And knowing that she and Joseph were entrusted with raising a son who was born to bring good tidings to all of God’s people, must have been an overwhelming feeling. Understanding this concern, we learn that God sends the angel Gabriel to be with Mary and tells her to not be afraid for God will be with her.

We, too, can take comfort in trusting that God is with us in our own journeys and to not be afraid of what comes next.  What is God birthing in you and waiting for you to say “yes” to in your life?

As we approach the celebration of the Christ Child on Christmas Day, may we be filled with joy, awe, and wonderment, pondering the meaning that this birth holds. May we find peace, hope, and love for a future that calls us to seek God’s will always and to respond, like Mary, with a faith that trusts that God is present within and among us.  May we and all humankind know God’s peace and love and may we be instruments to each other in extending this same peace and love in both the enriching and challenging moments of life’s happenings.

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