In the Words of Our Friends

As part of our Tenth Anniversary celebration, we sent prayer response cards to our friends and benefactors with our Catherine of Siena greeting. We asked that everyone tell us how they first became acquainted with the
Dominican Sisters of Peace, and for what about the congregation they were grateful.

We took these cards to our Tenth Anniversary Assembly in St. Louis, where we offered our prayers of gratitude for each one. As we have read them over these past months, spent away from those we serve, these little cards have been a blessing to all of us.

How did you get to know our Sisters?
Many of you remember our Sisters as teachers in your childhood school. You told us about the
values of love, caring and support that were imparted to you by a Sister, and how your Catholic education provided a strong academic and spiritual foundation for your life. In the words of one woman, “they insisted on clear, cogent learning…” a true Dominican value.

Several families remembered Sisters who served in their parish and helped to prepare them for the Sacraments. “She was so open about how we are all sinners seeking God’s grace,” said one mother describing a Sister who helped her son prepare for Confirmation. This work continues today as our Sisters serve as Pastoral Ministers,
RCIA instructors and Parish Administrators.

“They are my role models,” one card said.
Another woman recalled watching Sisters in Memphis march with Dr. Martin Luther King. Many spoke of how our Sisters care for the immigrant, the refugee, the prisoner and the poor without prejudice, acting in witness to
God’s love. Just as Christ commanded us to minister to the “least of these,” we have opened our hands and our hearts.

Other friends of the Congregation recounted how Sisters acted as spiritual counselors, guiding them through their darkest moments or when they felt adrift in their own spiritual lives.

There were wonderful stories about our retreat ministries and ecological ministries that create a space to enjoy God’s creation.

Thank you so much for sharing your memories with us. As we celebrate 10 years as Peace, we too are grateful for the gifts that God has given us…the opportunity to share God’s love and preach the Gospel of Christ, and the love, friendship and support of you, our dear friends. We are blessed to work beside you to bring peace to our world, and blessed by your many gifts in our work.

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