Sr. Annette Winter, OP, Great Bend, KS

Sr. Annette Winter, OP

Sr. Annette Winter has volunteered at Catholic Charities for years. In fact, the charity nominated Sr. Annette for the “Volunteer of the Year” award from RSVP/VIA of Central Kansas, with which she was honored in 2017.

“I enjoy volunteering at Catholic Charities because it is gratifying to help people in need,” Sr. Annette says. “It is good to see them leaving with smiles on their faces.”

With that in mind, it is no surprise that Sr. Annette channeled a portion of her Sisters on the Frontlines grants from Catholic Extension and GHR foundation into that organization.

Sr. Annette Winter, OP, packs personal essentials for the needy in Kansas.

Because people have not been able to come to the Catholic Charities offices to pick up needed items, Sr. Annette has been taking requests over the phone, packing bags of food or personal items, and in some cases, delivering those bags to those in need.

“Taking bags to the homes of the people we serve has been an eye-opener for me, says Sr. Annette. “I now see areas of our city that I never knew were there. It makes me grateful for how I was raised and grateful for all I have now.”

Sr. Annette feels that the grant came in God’s time, as she got a call from a homeless woman on the same day that she received the funds. Sr. Anette was able to pay for two weeks in a hotel for this woman so that she could be safe while sourcing grants for permanent housing.

You can bring a smile to the faces of those in need with your gift. Click here.

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