Seven Years to Sustainability – Examining the Program Goals, Number 2

Blog by Sr. Roberta Miller

Sr. Roberta Miller of the Eco-Justice Committee looks at Goal 2 and provides some suggestions about how to address this portion of our commitment to sustainability.

Goal 2: Response to the Cry of the Poor (defense of human life from conception to death and all forms of life on Earth, with special attention to vulnerable groups such as indigenous communities, migrants, children at risk through slavery, etc.)

Personally addressing this goal:

  • Each and every person—you and me—is personally connected to Earth.
    • What kind of Earth have we brought about?
    • How do I see myself as connected to Earth—in body, in mind, and in spirit?
    • Can I connect my blood and flesh and breath to the gifts of Earth in its soil, water, air, as well as in its plants, mineral and mammals and marine life?
  • Consider your role in this truth: Earth is dying of a Cancer—created through our chemicals, buildings and enslavement to greed and selfishness.
  • Reread Laudato Si, #148, about restoring community to areas blighted by poverty, illness, and a sense of failure where people both urban and rural have been caught in the ecological poverty trap.
  • Download and read the Letters of the Appalachian bishops—This Land Is Home to Me, 1975, and At Home in the Web of Life, 1995, which call for the transformation of attitudes and behaviors about God and God’s gift of Earth to us. Let us move from a Culture of Death, by which deposits of resources, animate and inanimate, including human, in all their diversity, are measured only in terms of money, to a Culture of Life, where God’s Creation is treated with dignity, wholeness, and respect.
    • Human dignity and community are linked with the wider dignity and community of nature in the single web of life. [In Web of Life]

In our May 24 blog, you will be invited to offer other suggestions for addressing Goal 2.

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4 responses to “Seven Years to Sustainability – Examining the Program Goals, Number 2

  1. Thanks Roberta, yes every little (or big ) thing we can do is a step in the right direction to save Our Home — the earth!

  2. A wonderful blog, Sr. Roberta.
    It really highlights the meaning of Cry of the Poor. Your blog should motivate others to answer the questions you posed and to make a change in their relationship with the Earth and all life, human & nonhuman.

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