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President Biden will give the State of the Union speech on Tuesday, March 1. We need the President to highlight the threats facing our democracy, and his plans for protecting it – with or without Congress.

It’s critical that we continue to engage with our elected leaders, including the President, to ensure our freedom to vote and our democracy remains a top priority – and that the President does everything in his power to protect it.

Please call or email his office today or tomorrow and ask him to address the threat to democracy by State laws and dark money which threaten to suppress certain voters. Ask President Biden to take action to ensure each citizen has the freedom to vote and that their vote will be counted.

Please note: The White House call-in line is 833-345-2554 and it is only open on February 22, February 23, February 24 and March 1 from 11AM – 3PM ET.

Please see below for a sample script of what you might say:


As predicted, extremist state legislatures are hard at work continuing to introduce restrictive voting bills and quietly working to gain control over our election process. In addition, dark money is continuing to flood into our system in advance of the 2022 election.

We cannot sit idly by while voters and particularly communities of color are being silenced and their votes suppressed. 

While the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act was blocked in the Senate, President Biden still has a major tool at his disposal to protect and strengthen our democracy: executive action.  

We will continue to fight to safeguard the freedom to vote until the promise of American democracy has been realized for all. We are so grateful to have you in this fight with us.


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