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We had our first snowfall of the season in Columbus, OH, last week. Beautiful sparkling snowflakes fell for hours and slowly covered the ground and, twinkling in the sunshine, clung to the trees. It was a beautiful sight, and while I kept stealing glances out the window to admire this winter wonderland, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of uncertainty for the future that lies ahead for our planet. Continue reading →

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Dominican Sisters of Peace Pass Corporate Stance on Global Climate Change

The Dominican Sisters of Peace have approved a corporate stance on global climate change that states:

“The Dominican Sisters of Peace and Associates are committed to reducing the impact of global climate change. We support actions, programs and legislation on all levels to protect Earth’s climate, with particular concern for the negative impact affecting the lives of the poor.”

Through this statement the Sisters join their voices with many other religious congregations, faith traditions and justice organizations to call for action on this issue that threatens the health and well-being of our entire planet but most especially the poor.

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