We celebrate the blessing that is our Jubilarians.

With long life will I satisfy God, and show God My salvation.”

Psalm 91:16


The Dominican Sisters of Peace are blessed with great diversity of age and ethnicity in our community. We are especially grateful for our wisdom figures – those Sisters who have lived our Dominican life of prayer, study, community and service. They generously share the wisdom of their experience for the good of the Congregation and continue their service to God and God’s people even into their last days.

Please join us to celebrate our Jubilarians.

 Dominican Sisters of Peace
 2023 Jubilarians

 Fifty Years

Binh Thanh Nguyen  (New Orleans, LA) NO Patricia Thomas  (New Orleans, LA) NO
Marcellino Nguyen  (Louisville, KY) L

 Sixty Years

Angelica Armstrong  (Columbus, OH) COL Jeannine Halloran  (Columbus, OH) COL
Mary Ellen Bennett  (Columbus, OH) COL Therese Leckert  (Columbus, OH) COL
Shirley Bodisch  (Columbus, OH) COL Joan McGough  (Columbus, OH) COL
Brigid Cannon  (Columbus, OH) COL Madeline O’Neill  (Columbus, OH) COL
Kathleen Cannon  (Columbus, OH) COL Rita Schwarzenberger  (Kaduna, Nigeria)
Eileen Csuk  (Columbus, OH) COL Joan Supel  (Columbus, OH) COL
Mary Faith Dargan  (Columbus, OH) COL Maryann Tarquinio  (Louisville, KY) L
Mary Shawn Fitzpatrick  (Columbus, OH) COL Teresa Tuite  (Gahanna, OH) COL

Sixty-Five Years

Kathleen Andrews  (Columbus, OH) COL Ellen McNulty (Columbus, OH) COL
Germaine Conroy (Columbus, OH) COL Diane McOsker (St. Catharine, KY) L
Mary Costello (St. Catharine, KY) L Mary Meenan  (Columbus, OH) COL
Dominic Haug  (Great Bend, KS) DOD Dolores Ann Pfeiffer (Columbus, OH) COL
Mary Hertrich  (Columbus, OH) COL Doris Regan  (Columbus, OH) COL
Anne Keenan  (Columbus, OH) COL Mary Aimee Ryan  (Columbus, OH) COL
Eileen Linehan  (St. Catharine, KY) L Carol Ann Spencer  (Columbus, OH) COL

Seventy Years

Sylvia Bourgeois  (Columbus, OH) COL Noreen Malone  (Columbus, OH) COL
Marita Charley  (Columbus, OH) COL Mary Josetta Mayer (Columbus, OH) COL
Barbara DeCrosta  (New Haven, CT) HRT Louis Mary Passeri  (Columbus, OH) COL
Mary Judene Lillie  (Columbus, OH) COL

Seventy-Five Years

Rose Bowen  (Columbus, OH) COL Frances Ellsperman  (Richfield, OH) CLV
M. Josepha Buckley  (St. Catharine, KY) L Joan Miriam Glaser  (St. Catharine, KY) L
Geraldine Eakes  (Great Bend, KS) DOD

Eighty Years

Agnes Imelda Frohnapfel (Columbus, OH) COL Patricius Henderson  (St. Catharine, KY) L

CLV           Cleveland Diocese,
COL          Columbus Diocese
DOD         Dodge City Diocese
FTW         Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese
HRT          Hartford Diocese
L                Louisville Archdiocese
NO            New Orleans Archdiocese

Jubilarians Sr. Patricius Henderson (80 years) and Sisters Josepha Buckley and Joan Miriam Glaser (75 years) celebrated their Jubilee Mass with Father Kevin McGrath from St. Rose Priory, Springfield, KY.