Show Me the Way — Discerning a Call to Religious Life

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In a June 2019 article in CNBC, therapist Tess Brigham shared what she has found to be the most prevalent life issue for millennials – the crisis of choice. In a world where young people are inundated with options and ideas, the fear of making the wrong choice can be crippling.

The Dominican Sisters of Peace are offering a unique opportunity for young women to take a faith-informed look at the options in their lives, and see if religious life is a choice that should be explored. The

Congregation’s March 13-15 “Come and See Retreat” will be held in Columbus, OH, and bring women considering religious life together with Sisters and women in formation to get a taste of life in a religious community.

Women have many options for ministry and service in the church but, the call to religious life is more than that.  It is a call to something “bigger than myself,” says Sr. June Fitzgerald, Director of Vocations for the Dominican Sisters of Peace. “It is a call from God to live in community with like-minded women, preaching the Gospel with their lives and building peace one person, one project at a time.

To seriously consider religious life, however, a woman must learn about it, Sr. June continues. “A young woman need only look around to see women in business, in government or in public service. But many young women have had limited contact with religious Sisters, and may have never met a Sister or Nun of their own generation. Our goal at this retreat is to give women considering religious life a taste of what it’s like to live in a religious community, and to serve God and God’s people in this very special way.”

Dominican Sisters of Peace and women discerning religious life work together at a recent service retreat in New Orleans. One goal of the “Come and See” Retreat is to allow discerners to experience daily life in religious community. Service to the Church is an important element of that life.

The Dominican Sisters of Peace currently have 5 women in “formation” to become religious Sisters. Women attending this “Come and See” retreat will meet these women and learn more about their journey. Attendees will also spend time with other Sisters, in prayer, study, and conversation – and of course, having fun with new friends.

The March 13-15 retreat will be held at the Dominican Sisters of Peace Motherhouse at 2320 Airport Drive in Columbus, OH. The retreat is free, and lodging and meals will be provided. The Retreat will begin at 4:00 pm on March 13, and conclude after Mass and dinner at 1 pm on Sunday, March 15.

The Dominican Sisters of Peace Columbus Motherhouse is on the east side of the city, a short cab or rideshare from Port Columbus Airport. Some travel assistance may be available.

To register, visit the Congregation’s website at, or contact Sr. June Fitzgerald, Vocations Director, at (570) 336-3991, or