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More than Enough for the Journey

Sometimes, the ordinary rhythm of life comes to a halt, and the unexpected changes we encounter in the flash of a moment can teach us that we often have more than enough for this journey of living. Let me tell you about one experience that brought home to me this message of both life’s fragility and the bountifulness around us.

One evening this past summer, the convent where I am living in Great Bend, Kansas had a severe and unexpected hailstorm. Strong winds stripped sections of the roofs off our building and the heavy rains flooded rooms and soaked beds, couches, rugs, and other household goods. My room was one of the rooms affected by this storm. In a hurry, we all had to move out and box whatever belongings we could without sorting anything. Because the electricity also went out that night, the moving process was even more challenging, but by the following morning, we had moved out and emptied all the affected rooms that needed to be treated for mold and renovated.

We stayed temporarily in guest rooms in unaffected areas of the convent or at the Heartland Retreat Center nearby. Not knowing when the renovations would be completed, we had to “survive” with whatever clothes we were able to put away into boxes. Many of us boxed only summer clothes. None of us knew when the renovation would be done, and while we were waiting, the weather changed gradually from hot summer days to cold winter days.

Luckily, after four months of renovation, just before Thanksgiving, we were able to move back to our rooms. Surprisingly, when I unpacked my clothing boxes, I realized that I had more than enough of what I needed, not only for the winter but also for other seasons. As I went through my belongings, I was grateful for the opportunity to reorganize my room, sort out what I had, and give away what I didn’t need. In this process of sorting and reflecting on what to keep or to let go of, I felt not only a sense of relief from going through these boxes, but also gained a deep awareness that “I have enough.”

Life clearly presents us with turbulent moments, interrupting our way of life. Sometimes God’s call to us can be like a storm popping up and disturbing our ordinary life. Other times, this call may come like a gentle breeze that keeps pursuing you. Listening to God calling you is like hearing a voice whispering about reorganizing your life and sorting out what is important to you. Like the sorting process, discerning God’s call takes time for reflection and pondering to determine what action to take, which requires taking a leap of faith.

For those discerning a call to religious life, be conscious that God’s grace is more than enough for you to live this call. You may start saying, “God’s grace is enough for my journey. God’s grace is enough! I am abundant!”

As you contemplate and discern where you are being called, we invite you to contact one of our Vocation Ministers who will walk with you and help you sort out where you are being led. We also invite you to join us for one or more multiple discernment events, such as our Come and See event (March 15-17, 2024) or our Mission for Peace event (May 31-June 4, 2024). You can also attend one of our monthly events (Emmaus Discernment group and Discernment Prayer group), or visit one of our convents, and more. All events are free of charge and travel assistance is available. You can learn more about us from our vocation website, Become a Sister.

3 thoughts on “More than Enough for the Journey

  1. MaiDung,
    I love the way you pay attention to events that happen in your life and then reflect on them to make connections to a teaching moment.
    Thank you for being so astute to these happenings.
    Peace, Marilyn

  2. Mai-Dung,
    God uses each event in life for our growth. Your mindfulness taught me a practical way that I can do with less to help my neighbor.
    Thank you,

  3. Sr. Mai,
    Thank your for this blog. My reflection from More than Enough for the Journey is that we never know what to expect in life and never know what others are going through. Therefore, we need to be still and listen to God to help us journey through this life. Slow to anger, slow to speak, slow to judge, and quick to seek God. I am not good at listening and usually have no filter for speaking and expressions. I have some work to do for slow to speak. Thank you Sister, and God Bless.

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