Discern with a Vocation Minister

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Discern With a Vocation Minister

Talking to a Sister may help you clarify your call. Making that first contact with a religious congregation is a big step in your discernment. Our Vocation Ministers talk to discerning women frequently and have been through this process themselves. They are here to journey with you every step of the way.

Think of your Vocation Minister as a guidance counselor or a mentor. She will be with you on this journey to listen, accompany, support, encourage and provide you with the resources you will need to fully explore the potential of religious life. Ultimately, she can help you discover who God is calling you to be and where you can best serve God with your own gifts and talents.

  • Someone who Listens

    A Vocation Minister will listen deeply and actively to gain insight about your life’s story and how God is working in you. As you get to know each other, she will invite you to share more about:

      • your prayer life and how you find God in your daily life


      • what has attracted you to religious life


      • what you find appealing about the Dominican Order


      • your relationship with God and with others


    • your gifts and what you feel passionately about.
  • Someone Who Accompanies You

    As your Vocation Minister listens to what you share with her, she will accompany you and support you by:

      • praying with and for you throughout the process, and suggesting ways to pray as you deepen your relationship with God


      • helping you to recognize and explore your gifts and challenges


      • responding to your questions about religious life and life as a Dominican Sister of Peace


    • inviting you to participate in our group discernment opportunities where you will meet other discerning women/li>
    • providing tips on choosing a religious community or congregation based on your values and gifts
    • helping you recognize whether there is anything holding you back from freely making this choice
    • guarding your freedom to discern your vocation at your pace and in a confidential manner.
  • Someone who Takes You on a ‘Tour’

    Your Vocation Minister is like a tour guide. She will introduce you to the congregation and help you get to know the community and our sisters. While you are on your ‘tour,’ you will experience the spiritual and community aspects of Dominican life, and you will begin to explore the history of our Dominican Order. During this time of getting to know the community, she may invite you to:





    • visit one of our local communities to pray or to share a meal.

    Finally, throughout this journey of faith and discernment, you and your Vocation Minister will continue to listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance.

Contact Us for Guidance with Your Discernment

If you would like to speak with a Vocation Minister, please contact us.